Allow me to introduce you to know more about our company. LEOPARD s.r.o. ICO 254 14 810 present residence Roudnice n.L. This company is formally known as Leopard Roudnice n.L., which was founded in the year 1998 and had made its customers glad to have chosen it.

LEOPARD s.r.o. Offers cooperation in commercial security and other attaching roots which provide you employees division Self Security and commerce  (k.a SSC)

Employees of SSC still use past experiences which they had used during security acts as employees of the company formally known as LEOPARD Roudnice n.L. with continuous observations of our employees roots and our knowledge of the protection they provide in their acts we can honestly say that our security is now better than before and we are still here to make our customers satisfied.

The priority of the new concept of company roots LEOPARD s.r.o. is focused on a combination of physical protection of our detective service and electrical protective systems used with computer technology. With this modern technology our work at LEOPARD s.r.o. has been able to lower our employees expenses for security and protection with higher effects of our roots.

Our company along with its roots works scarsely together with the Police of Czech Republic.

Security school LEOPARD